Rebuttal Library

Don't have time/busy


“I understand _________, but let’s face it – we’re never to busy to take 2 minutes to learn how to make more money with less effort and expense. Let me ask you one quick question: If one of our representatives could show you a proven way to become more profitable and save money doing it, would you take a few minutes now to find out more?”


- or -


“I know that feeling; my desk is full of things I need to do, too, and I don’t want to bother you if you’re really not interested. Let me ask you a quick question and be honest with me: If we could show you our service that is proven to reduce your processing costs, would it be worth it for you to schedule a quick appointment for just 5 minutes to see how it could work for your business?”


If NO: “No problem. Before I go, who else do you know that might be able to use a service like this?”


If Yes: “Terrific. A representative will be in your neighborhood on _______ what time works best for you?”