Rebuttal Library

New Equipment


Thats fantastic! When they updated your equip did they do a rate review for you?


“They did” Great to hear! How much did they reduce your rates by?


In our experience we’re still able to save our clients an avg of 22% on processing and for many its more like 40-50%. We’ve never lost a rate quote ever, and because we are a direct wholesale processor we have the best rates available. There is no obligation to sign & It will only take a few minutes of your time. Are you available....


“They Didn’t” Why Not? “Well I have really good rates.”


We’ve been hearing that a lot  from merchants who’ve recently switched processors. But I’m willing to bet the agent showed you how much he could save you only after you gave him a copy of your processing statement. We call that the rate game, where agents reduce your rates just enough to save you money to get you to switch, but not truly saving you as much as much money as they could. Because we are a direct wholesale processor, we show you our rates first then look at your statement to show you exactly how much we can save you. I guarantee you we can save you money. On average we save our clients 22% on processing. For many its more like 40-50%. If we were able to significantly increase your savings wouldn’t it warrant a few minutes or your time?