Rebuttal Library

Not Interested


IF GATEKEEPER: If I were saving your manager up to 25% on his/her processing don’t you think he/she would be interested in taking my call? It will only take a minute of their time?


“That’s fine _________, and many people I speak with tell me the same thing as well. And as they learn more about this and see what this can really do for them, they were glad they took a few minutes to listen.


One thing that would be a good fit for you is….” (Continue on with your pitch, briefly, and then ask a qualifying question like, “Do you see how that would work for you?”)


- or -


I understand you get a lot of calls from people wasting your time. But I can assure you this is not one of them. On average we save our clients 22% on processing. For many its more like 40-50%. - We are a direct wholesale processor local in Napa. -There’s no obligation and it will only take a few minutes. Are you available ....


- or -


“________, you probably get a lot of these calls, don’t you? You know, I get them, too, and believe me, I don’t like getting them any more than you do. But every now and then I listen because sometimes there is information out there that will benefit me. And this is that kind of call for you. Let me ask you a quick question…”


(Ask how they would like to improve, save, make more money using your product or service.)


- or -


  • So you’re not interested in saving 20% or more on your processing??

  • Not trying to offend/ Ok just trying to understand why you wouldn’t want to save substantially on your processing?