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Always let the business owner know you are a local resident and you are attempting to build a successful business. Excite them! Be honest and truthful. Let the owner see that you are launching a new career and you need all the help you can get. Business owners enjoy supporting local residents and feel for any other small business.


Callback with Ammunition

You: Hi, this is _______________________________(your name) with CardPayment Solutions, is the owner in?


Receptionist: Yes, one moment please. If the answer is “no” then say the following:


“No problem, when will the owner be in? (Write down the time). OK, and what was his name (write name) and your name (write name down), great thank you (name of you spoke with) for your time this afternoon.”


When you call back say “Hi may I speak with (owners name) please.” When the owner answers say:


 “Hi, this is _________(name) calling with Preferred Merchants in Napa, I spoke with (name of whom you spoke with earlier) and I was informed to contact you.”



Rebuttal Responses


Objection: Too much is on my plate right now.

Response: I understand, all I ask is that you allow us to submit a proposal to you so you can see for yourself what Preferred Merchants can do for your business, what time is good for you this week?


Objection: It’s too expensive to accept credit cards (or I do not want to pay the percentage)

Response: Actually, it’s very expensive for you not to accept credit cards. You are losing possibly thousands dollars by limiting your customers to cash or checks. The large retail chains have already figured out that the cost of accepting credit and ATM cards is more than offset by the additional revenue it creates. In fact, almost all the large supermarkets are now accepting credit cards and ATM cards, and they are usually working on razor thin margins. SO if it makes sense to them, it should make sense to you.


During your conversation remember to always be polite and courteous. Always thank them for taking the time to speak with you!

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