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FREE Rate Analysis 1


Hello is the owner or manager in? Hi Mr. _____________this is _______________with Preferred Merchants over here in Napa. The reason for my call is to make you aware that late last year Visa/MasterCard has raised their rates for processing credit card transactions again. And we were making a courtesy call to businesses in the area to offer a FREE rate analysis of your credit card processing fees. We’ve found that we can usually save business owners 20-30% on their processing, is that something that would interest you?


Yes: Great, we will have a representative in your area on ________ or _________, which day works best for you?

Sounds good, you will be meeting with Jaymes, he has 20 plus years of experience in the industry and will be dropping by at __________ on ____________.


If you could have at least one month of your current Visa/MasterCard processing statements available we can do a custom quote for you on the spot. We will see you then.


NO: No problem, we would still enjoy the opportunity to stop by and introduce ourselves face to face, would you be willing to spare a couple minutes to meet with our representative Jaymes?


Great, he will be in your area on ________ or _________, which day works best for you?


Sounds good, Jaymes will be there at __________ on ____________.




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