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FREE Rate Analysis 2


Hello is the owner or manager in? Hi Mr. _____________this is _______________with Preferred Merchants.


Thank you for your time I know your busy. I’ll be brief. We work with local business owners like yourself helping them audit their merchant processing fees. We’ve found that many are paying a much higher rate than they should. We are currently offering a brand new pilot program that costs only 29¢ per transaction, with no additional mark-ups. The program includes next day funding and there is NO contract involved so you can try it out and if we don’t deliver the savings we propose you can go back to your current processor with no risk to you.

Would you like a 2nd opinion on your processing fees?


Yes: If you’d like please email or fax us you last month’s processing statement and we will have a side-by-side comparison analysis ready for you when our representative Jaymes stops by to introduce himself.


Does that like something you’d like us to prepare?


Yes: Great, send your statement to jp@preferredmerchants.com or fax it to 866-543-6620 and we’ll get on your analysis immediately.

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