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Script Formula:

  • Ask for the prospect by name.

  • Say hello. "Hi! Ms. Prospect" or "Hi, Jane."

  • Identify yourself and your company. "My name is ______. My company is _____."

  • Say what you do (sound bite).

  • Position yourself as the expert. Use phrases like "We specialize in¼" or "Our reputation is¼" or "We are known for¼" You can also do some name-dropping of credentials here

  • Articulate benefits. Success stories are a terrific way to point out benefits.

  • Ask for what you want—an introductory meeting. "I would like to meet with you¼" "I would like to introduce myself, my company, my product¼" "I need 10 minutes of your time." "Is this Thursday good, or would next Thursday be better?"

  • Keep asking for what you want!


Closing Statements:

  • Would you give us an opportunity to earn your business?

  • I believe that we can lower your overhead/costs and increase your profits. Would you be interested in free rate comparison to illustrate how much money we could save you?

  • Would you be interested in a free rate comparison to see if we could lower your processing costs?

  • I am confident that we can assist you with your business needs. With your permission, I'd like to schedule a date and time when we can introduce ourselves¼

  • If we could help you increase your profits, lower your overhead and drive more business to your location, are there any reasons that we shouldn't schedule a brief appointment?



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