Cash Registers in a Pocket?

The future of a cashless society’s here with a new way for your customers to pay. It’s called mobile processing. The customer swipes her credit card on your smartphone or tablet, the transaction’s processed, and she signs on screen, and the receipt’s emailed to the customer. It’s a completed (and secure) transaction in seconds using the newest of wireless technology. Imagine the possibilities.

Instead of being stuck behind the cash register at the front of the store, your sales associates can be out on the floor and interacting with customers. With a smartphone or tablet to swipe the credit card, the amazed customer can be on her way in moments. Eliminate long lines and stationary cash registers.

Take payments wherever you are - it’s truly pay as you go!

In case a mobile cash register isn’t exactly what your business needs, a more traditional setup with a tablet or smartphone can be arranged with wireless POS terminals. It’s an update to the standard cash register without missing out on the newest technology.

Mobile credit card processing also avoids the hassles (and expenses) of receipts. Not to mention that your customers will appreciate that it’s better for the environment. She’ll be glad to know that, and glad to know that she doesn’t have to keep track of an easily misplaced piece of paper when the transaction can be located in your database. There’ll be happiness all around.


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